How to Cool Your Wankel
How To Cool Your Wankel... THE BOOK!.

How to cool your oil using Modine oil coolers. Down load Modine pdf.

Thick radiators verses thin radiators.

Radiator locations and types compared pros & cons.

Chuck Dunlap excellent rad installation. High temperature Arizona based RV6

Water Manometer. Essential tool for cooling duct development. Made from clear plastic tubing.

Picture of water manometer in the cockpit prior to testing.

Picture of porous foam taps to determine the pressure distribution on the face of the rad.

Highly reliable wiggins coupling for 1-1/2 inch rad plumbing.

Picture of wiggins coupling.

Picture of wiggins couplings installed on Bill Schertz KIS Cruiser.

Low height water pump for Lancairs and other low cowlings airplanes.

Typical cooling layout 3D perspective.

Typical cooling layout 3D top view.

Typical cooling layout 3D exploaded perspective.

Electric water pumps.