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It's easy and there is no cost! Just send me an e-mail at the address in the graphic below with the word subscribe somewhere in the message. Note that I have used a graphic (instead of a link) to try and foil those annoying e-mail address search bots which spammers use to collect valid e-mail addresses. Also note that I will try everything in my power to make sure your e-mail address remains private because I hate SPAM as much as you do! Like any published newsletter or magazine the content is a reflection of the editor's (me) experience and education, We welcome submissions of qualified opinion and first person experience. I do not tolerate personal insults and contrary unqualified opinions that fly in the face of logic and reason. It is not an open forum. I pay for this newsletter out of my own pocket in terms of time (up to 12 hours a day) and money. No cost to you. It is my gift to you. I don't accept advertising of any kind. If you are using this newsletter to repeatedly promote a product you will be removed from the subscription list. One or two press releases are fine of relevant products. It goes without saying like any other news letter or magazine we reserved the right to not publish a submission. The goal of this newsletter is to help people engineer and install Wankel type rotary engines in aircraft. Subscribers bent on creating controversy alone will be removed from the subscription list. Paul Lamar

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