Big dicounts on Mazda parts direct from an authorized dealer. State you are on the rotary engine list. Mears Mazda Volvo Lubbock Texas.

Real World Solutions. PSRUs and EFI/IGN computers for rotary aircraft engines.

Mazdatrix Race and stock parts. Complete engines rebuilt. Engine Dyno services.

Racing Beat Race engine parts.

Slauson Transmission Parts. Source for Ford auto transmission planet set used in most aircraft PSRU's..

Summit Racing. Major source radiators, oil coolers, AN plumbing, etc., etc..

McMaster Carr. Major major source all kinds of parts, materials, nuts and bolts etc.,etc., etc..

Kinsler Fuel Injection all sorts of intake system stuff including U bends.

Mega Squirt EFI/IGN computers for any type of engine. Open source code and design information.

MSD Ignition and fuel injection systems

Creavey. Manufacturer of high temperture teflon coated silicone O-rings.

Barry Controls source for rubber motor mount bushings.

Burns Stainless Source for stainless and aluminum mandrel tubing bends.

On Line Metals. Wide variety of aluminum tubing sizes and all other metals and plastics.

Factory Steel. Another source for aircraft 4130 tubing.

RB Wagner excellent low cost source for pipe bends used in intake manifolds and exhaust.

X-Treme Rotaries -- Australian rotary motors parts

Turbonetics. Inconel turbines and other really trick turbo charger stuff

Bell 47 helicopter final drive. 1000 HP PSRU for high horse power three and four rotor rotary engines.

Worlds largest dealer in used rebuilt Mazda rotary engines and a parts.

Yaw Power Products

RC Engineering Fuel injectors and techinical info on selected injectors.

TWM source for fuel injection components.

Poske Racing great price on Howe all aluminum racing radiators.

Fluidyne. Source for welded racing car radiators.

KSE Source for high capacity water pumps.

CR Racing Another source for welded racing car radiators.

Electromotive electronic fuel injection

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