History of the apex seal. Complete article.

Down load patent application for EDM apex seals and one piece side seals. pdf.

Photograph of after market apex seal smoothness compared to Mazda stock apex seal smoothness. After market apex seal on the left and stock Mazda apex seal on the right.

The importance of apex seal smoothness on the friction characteristics of apex seals. Rough finish on after market apex seals lead to rotor housing wear and chatter.

After market apex seal damage to rotor housing after only three hours of running.

Mazda stock apex sealed rotor housing after 150,000 miles in a car and 165 hours in the air. Engine obtained from a junk yard and installed in aircraft without rebuilding. Notice the excellent condition of the wear surface. Good for another 2000 hours in the air.

Chart published by Mazda showing the temperature of the apex seal along its length as a function of BMEP and RPM.

Chart published by Mazda showing the inertial forces on the apex seal at 5000 RPM. The higher the RPM

Chart published by Mazda showing the velocity of the apex seal compared to that of a piston engine. Note the seal never stops to reverse direction. A common cause of cylinder bore wear in piston engines.

Chart published by Mazda showing the affect of lubricating oil on the apex seal temperature as a function of RPM at wide open throttle.

Teflon encapsulated silicone O-rings. Illustration.

How to buy, measure and install Teflon encapsulated O-rings. Complete article.

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